I tend to think "outside the box" and do
things unlike what you might find in the

With a long history of multimedia creation
from Toronto and Vancouver to New York City, Boston, Richmond and now the eastern shore of Maryland going
back to Super 8 video and 35mm film  I am now
able to devote more time to this and have the
freedom to do it as I wish.

 Clips from our videos have been
used by MacMillan Audio (publishing), Wilma TV
and Discovery Studios have also shown interest,
among others.
Having written over 50 software programs
going back to MS-DOS, I have experience
with graphic editing going back over 20 years
and video editing for over 15 years. Also
have done website design since the start of
the Internet.

Coming from a family of musicians, writers
and artists I have the tools, ability and
aptitude to create an original soundtrack to
compliment and enhance any video.

Now I am able to do what I enjoy on my own
terms, not for the income, so if you have
an idea or project contact me and see if we
might want to work together.

About Wideeyevideo
Contact us at info@wideeyevideo.com
We are located on the eastern shore of Maryland