If you need video produced for any purpose, we are
your best source, whether it is for commercial
purposes, a presentation, special occasion, indie film,
documentary or almost any event.

We take care of everything from lighting and
videography to editing and rendering to  an
.AVI, .WMV, .MOV, MP4 or other format HD file.
Or production to DVD media.

Special effects, soundtracks, titles, etc. can easily be
added and your video will be rearranged and edited to
your specifications whether you want widescreen (16:9) or regular TV format (4:3), we have the know-how and equipment to produce a professional looking HD product.

Videography in Widescreen (16:9) with
       full stereo soundtracks
~ Coordination of soundtracks to match video
~ Titles added wherever you want with effects
~ Special effects such as transitions, blue/green
       screen, etc.
~ Model Portfolios
~ Still Photography & editing
~ Video Surveilance/Security
~ Full HD capability, up to 4K

Contact us at info@wideeyevideo.com
We are located on the eastern shore of Maryland
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